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Introducing "Your Best Saving Decision"

As we all know, the Egyptian society is a consuming society; we always look forward to shop, shop and SHOP! But here comes the barrier; the price! As soon as we hear the word "costs" we always assume it's highly priced and right there starts the dilemma of reconsidering the buying decisions and the whole change and reprioritization of our shopping list. The whole journey of searching for the best prices and highest qualities for each and every item on our list starts; starting from the products costing 5 and 10 LE ending with our traveling and vacations decisions and sometimes it even reaches our wedding parties which is certainly the most important day in all of our lives that sometimes makes us pay loads of money on unnecessary items. Hence, most of us don't have the adventurous spirit that motivates to try new things and services especially in the places we hadn’t tried before and have no information of the average of its prices whether its near home or not.

Thinking about a solution? ... Hear this out!

Maybe you can make this hard decision, gather your bravery and try yourself the untried services and products to have the needed knowledge about their prices… sounds extravagant??

Okay, Another solution and that is what we really are here for… As we are a team of business dealers and marketers, we decided to make the action you didn’t like to take; we will make the deals -that work only for your benefit- with the owners or sellers of the stores you buy from everyday or even the ones you didn’t hear of before. Deals? Did I just say deals??

Yes deals, because that sounds like the only solution people probably think of when there are no discounts. So technically, we think of deals as the only immediate action or taking the easy way out and wait for the big word "SALE"! Waffarha.com is way smarter than all of these solutions and is offering you a lot of benefits in one package;

This issue was really the inspiration of Waffarha.com ; we tried to figure out a solution that makes an agreement from both sides; the buyer and the seller. That’s why we thought about the (Group Buying) method. Waffarha.com will make the deal with the marketing/ sales manager of the store not only the seller and the deal will be based on buying a certain amount of that product to meet the desired discount we aimed for and at the same time giving the seller the profit he expects. That certain amount of the product will be then sold to individuals with the huge discount we got before. That way you will have huge bargains only with Waffarha.com

Who is it beneficial for?

The service Waffarha.com offers is beneficial for all the engaged sides; for the client, it's a secure way of trying new products and services with discount rates that he can't get individually. For the seller, he sells more and widens his market and boost up the sales amount in a very simple and easy way by maintaining the expected profit. Both sides are connected through www.waffarha.com providing a win-win deal!

Now you can imagine your life from a brand new perspective; you buy your needed products with half prices and with the needed amount. Imagine how easy that will be to spend your salary in 30 days instead of the usual 15 days! Imagine hanging out more often in new places and exploring new services that you didn’t know about their existence. Imagine using the internet as a vital method in your life providing you with services instead of only using it as a channel of entertainment and luxury. Now look at the price of the product you want to buy and before paying for it imagine you are splitting that amount with 2 or more other consumers! That what makes Waffarha.com the best saving decision you will ever make!

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