My Coupons from Waffarha.com

To buy a coupon, follow the below steps:

  • Login to your account, or create a new one for free (using register button or via Facebook)
  • Click on the “Buy Now” button on the left hand side of the offer.
  • Specify the number of coupons you want to buy then choose a payment method. (you can choose credit as a payment method if there is enough/any credit in your account)
  • In case you paid partially using Waffarha.com credit, you will use another method to complete paying for the coupon/s
  • When you choose cash on delivery, we will call you to confirm your order, Data and cash collection date and time.
  • Once your payment is confirmed and the purchase secret key is used in the purchase secret key box... The coupon will be active in your purchases table and sent to your email if you like it printed.
  • Go to the merchant's within the redemption period and enjoy your offer.

After you buy the coupon and your payment is confirmed you will get an e-mail, to the e-mail address you provided upon registration, containing your coupon information. Then you can go to the Merchant within the redemption period and enjoy your offer.

Once you complete the "BUY" process, you will receive a call from Waffarha.com call center confirming your order details including number of coupons, total amount and cash collection date and time.

If the deal is canceled, you will not be able to redeem your coupon and your payment will be completely refunded to you.

But if you meant that the offer is valid for one day only (the day you bought)... well, it will be valid for a period starts by the start date mentioned in the fine print.

To redeem your coupon, follow these steps:

  • Write down your coupon code on your mobile or print it out.
  • Go to the merchant, redeem the coupon face value and enjoy your experience.

We work closely with the merchant to make sure your experience will go smoothly with no problems.

Unfortunately, you can use your coupon just for once... if you didn't use the full value, the merchant won't be able to shift any remaining value to the next visit cause your coupon status will converted into used.

Because you are a very precious consumer, no merchant can prevent you using more than your coupon value… you will only pay the difference between your total amount and the coupon value.

Ex: you have a coupon gives you 200 LE on any product/service but your total cheque was 300 LE, then you will have to pay only 100 LE.

We will mention if it is okay or not, so if it states "yes combine" in the fine print you will have the ability to combine other offers or specials with your coupon.

There should be no problem in redeeming your coupon if you followed our Offer Guide. However errors are possible and that’s why we provide you with a customer service line that is available if any difficulties are faced. Call us on 202 23938867 and you will have one of our representatives answer your inquiry and solve any problems that you may face.

Customer Service

To create an account, you can use your Facebook account or click on the “Register” button on the top right side of any page on waffarha.com. This will take less than 30 second to keep you updated on our latest offers and news

We use your unique registered email to be able providing you with your purchase details such as payment confirmation, coupons and sending you our daily newsletter if you are subscribed to.

We appreciate your relations as well as your personal gifts, so we are ready to help you surprising your family members, colleagues and friends with incredibly amazing gifts.

Unless the Fine Print specifically states otherwise, gift away

You have 2 solutions:

  • First one: to subscribe to our daily newsletter and be tuned to our daily offers.
  • Second one: go online, register, make your own account, have your automatic newsletter subscription and your unique Waffarha.com ID just like your own identification number.

You can contact through my profile, complaints/suggestions Or Call us at (202) 23938867

We highly appreciate any suggestion/nominations for any place you like to enjoy its products/services half priced... So if you want to receive amazing offers you've got to help a little by filling the suggestion field in your Waffarha.com profile and sending all your ideas, suggestions and places you like to see featured on Waffarha.com

Waffarha.com Payment Info

When selecting the “Cash On Delivery” payment method, extra fees of EGP 9 will be added to your order’s total value. Those are the “Cash On Delivery” service fees; they represent the cost of sending you a cash collector to get the cash from you anywhere.

Waffarha.com for Partners

Waffarha.com is a cost-free and highly effective alternative to traditional forms of advertising. Running a deal with us cost you absolutely nothing out of pocket, and guarantees you hundreds of paying customers. In short, there's no cost, and no downside to having your business featured with us.

The merchant is the best person to determine the minimum number of buyers who can break down any price into half… so in each offer you will find minimum number to make any offer active. So this phrase tells you how many more buyers are needed to activate the current deal. In our case, 10 more buyers are needed for this deal to be active, so if you really like what you see, we suggest you buy your coupon immediately and tell your friends to join you.

It means that the minimum number of buyers per deal is already reached. “Deal is active "also means that you can redeem you coupon since the redemption start date.

About Waffarha

Our secret is "the collective buying power" which you might heard about like (group buying)… where people using their big numbers as consumers in exchange for discounts that merchants can offer… so Waffarha.com is offering you, all of your friends, all of your neighbors and all its users big discounts which is way more better than Bulk purchases the individual can do in exchange for less than 50% discount.