Who is Ahl Masr? 

Ahl Masr is a non-governmental organization founded in 2013 and registered under # 728 / 2015with a main goal of creating a new perception of charity & development in Egypt. The foundation works in the field of health with a main emphasis on the prevention and treatment of burns’ victims.

Because we have…

  • 80.000 : 100,000 burn victims each year
  • 37% deaths within the first 6 hours after burn injuries
  • 18% permanent disabilities post burn incidents

We started…

  • Building Ahl Masr Burns Hospital
  • The Safe Village initiative
  • Treating child burn victims

Egypt Burn-Free… Humanity Burn-Free

  • Contribute towards building Ahl Masr Burns Hospital, the first non-profit hospital and research center specialized in treating burn injuries in the Middle East. Built on a total area of 24,000 m2 in New Cairo’s, the hospital will offer comprehensive physical, post-constructive and psychological treatment in addition to social rehabilitation in accordance with the highest medical standards.
  • Sponsor the treatment of a child burn victim to ease their pain and give them another chance for a normal childhood. Children who suffer burn injuries face death or fight for life with permanent disfiguration and disabilities in a society that doesn’t accept them. Their families feel helpless and in despair as they leave their homes for a long and costly treatment journey.
  • Participate in the Safe Village initiative which aims to prevent future burn accidents in Egypt’s most impoverished villages through the construction of safe roofs, providing water and electricity to homes, offering sustainable energy solutions (solar panels) and disseminating fire extinguishers and first-aid kits among the villagers. 

Donate Now

donate through all Egyptian Banks 9899
call 16863 to request Ahl Masr donation representative.
SMS   9899
Fawry 9899
Or Through Waffarha.com** with any amount starting from 1LE : 1000LE.

** We recieve your full donation with no deductions.